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Our Story

Our event company began in Kalamazoo, Michigan with a summer collegiate baseball team focused on everything except baseball.  We didn't have Major League players so we had to be different.  We hired a 6-year-old head coach, dancing players between innings, created a 3,000 calorie donut cheeseburger and fans went wild.

We realized that fans didn't want a traditional baseball game. They wanted something that stood out.

This led us to creating the 1st ever Donut and Beer festival.  Our founder Brian remembers getting laughed out of his first meeting to explain the idea to a local group.  Not many believed, but after selling out that 1st year, turning away thousands of fans, we knew we had something special.

From there, Taco and Tequila festival was born, Michigan's 1st and only Mac and Cheese festival, Bell's Brewery's 30th anniversary Funvitational and more.

Our mission is to make people happy, one crazy event at a time.


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